Our fans are awesome!

Krunch is a high-energy 4-piece dance party band and has become one of the most in-demand cover bands around. We play high energy rock and roll and try to have as much fun as possible while doing so. We better be having fun…we’re getting paid to play other people’s music!!! Come out to a show…and tell!

We play at all your favorite clubs, and probably at a few you have never been to! All the more reason to come out and catch a show! We play all your favorites from todays hits, alternative rock, dance, pop and classic rock. Believe it or not…you CAN dance to rock and roll! Come out and have some fun with us! It’s always a good time with Krunch!

Popular dance and alternative music performed with high energy is what you are in store for. We are highly motivated musicians with plenty of stage experience and professional attitude. The live show is geared towards entertaining the crowd with popular music enhanced by a light show, which guarantees audience participation. Krunch’s goal is to play energetic music for everyone to enjoy from the first song to the last. We are definitely a band to party with!

Fun and crowds in exciting clubs rocking out to awesome music is what you can expect when you come out to a Krunch show!